What We Do

We can provide a writer or journalist to undertake any type of online and print journalistic content and deliver it with authority and in an engaging style. To achieve this, our writers are highly experienced in many forms of journalism, including property journalism, sports journalism, travel journalism and political journalism among others. We can deliver content on business and finance, investment, marketing, media, SMEs and IT.

All our writers have access to a diverse range of research facilities and up-to-the-minute information on business, commerce, politics, sport and media.

Collaboration is an important aspect of what we do, especially if the website has not yet been launched. Our journalists can discuss your needs and ideas and, using their talents, help to transform them into content that will attract new customers and retain existing ones, allowing you to measure and quantify the results of using our services.

We can also provide journalists to comment on a range of issues. See http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SFugYNlwapg for a clip of David Nicholson on Russia Today discussing the US elections.

To see extensive and comprehensive lists of the calibre of client we have supplied content for, have a look at our ‘Who For’ pages.