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Murdoch turns on Trump

After 45 years, the marriage of convenience between Rupert Murdoch and Donald Trump is over.

With Murdoch’s Wall Street Journal urging Trump to resign, Fox News presenter Tucker Carlson calling him ‘reckless’ and the New York Post admitting, finally, that ‘there is no defense’ of the President, the most commercially and politically fruitful relationship in modern American history has collapsed.

Enemies in Winter, Allies in Spring: Dinesh Dhamija and Tony Goodwin on Post-Brexit Enterprise

Dinesh Dhamija founded, built and sold online travel agency ebookers for $471 million. In 2019 he was elected as a Liberal Democrat MEP, promising to oppose Brexit in the European Parliament. He has now returned to entrepreneurship, with a portfolio of businesses in Romania, India and elsewhere. Dhamija plays a leading role in TiE – a network created by Indian diaspora entrepreneurs.

Facebook's Right-Wing, Twitter's Left-Wing. Discuss.

Facebook’s for grown ups

It’s simpler and more attractive for older users to join Facebook. Motivated by access to news and images of their friends and relatives, they can see the value and engage quickly.

Twitter’s for kids

Twitter demands more tech familiarity, being adept at text messages, understanding hashtags and the evolving online vocabulary.

Older people are proportionately more right wing and younger people more left wing, so they gravitate to the social media platform that best suits them.

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Profile of Maryam Rajavi

To the theocratic leadership of Iran, whose mullahs have spent the past 28 years limiting the role of women in politics and society, what could be more challenging than a strong, articulate, charismatic and intelligent woman?

US-Russian forum erupts, published in European Business magazine

"It looks like those people just forgot that they are management, rather than a group of bandits who captured the company. And this management is hired and can be fired, and completely forgot about it," said Andrei Illarionov. "This is an absolutely inappropriate, vulgar and boorish attitude."

Achtung! Tommy knocks down the Berlin Wall

One player is 64. Others are getting on for 20 stone. But Lawrie McMenemy out-thinks the opposition and inspires optimism. We can score, we can win, even if they're Beckenbaur and we're Perry Groves.

Neelie Kroes Profile, published in European Business magazine

By David Nicholson | Published in European Business magazine

The affair marks the beginning of a sustained crusade by Kroes to crack the power of the monopolistic barons and their political friends, just as Margaret Thatcher brought the unions and the mineworkers to their knees, after they had humiliated a previous Tory government. It took years to achieve, but nobody should underestimate the determination of a woman on a revenge mission.