Business Journalist

Today's business journalism isn't just about what's happening on the FTSE - a good business journalist is expected to write an incredible variety of news stories and articles covering people, places and issues that relate to the world of finance. This could mean a business journalist in London writing about the performance of shopping centres in the South West or, perhaps, the achievements of companies in the capital itself. We often write about economic issues outside the UK.

Although we supply business writers and journalists for a variety of respected international clients, such as the Wall Street Journal, each business journalist is UK based. A business journalist in the UK has access to resource material concerning an economy that affects not only Europe, but the rest of the world. Consequently, a business writer in London is just as likely to be hired by an international company as he is to be employed as a business writer in the UK.

We have assembled our team of writers and journalists specifically for the purpose of writing national and international web content. We have a combined experience of writing for dozens of papers, magazines, corporate publications and innumerable websites.

Using a business journalist from guarantees you a reliable source of first-class business journalism that is thoroughly researched, accurate, up-to-date and engaging. It is objective, delivered punctually and can contain quotes from appropriate authorities within the industry.

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