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10 Reasons To Hire People Who Run

When you compare people’s CVs, what stands out?

They have similar qualifications and experience. They’re all team players, they’re all enterprise-focused, results-driven professionals with excellent communication skills.

But do they run?

Here are 10 reasons to hire someone who runs:

1               They have higher pain thresholds

Why China's 'YouTube' Loves Forbidden Hunting And Shooting

It’s 66 years since Chairman Mao prohibited shooting and hunting in China, but despite (or perhaps because of) the ban, the Chinese appetite for watching fieldsports videos has reached fever pitch.

Just 18 months after it launched on Youku (the Chinese version of Youtube), UK-based Fieldsports Channel’s shows have been watched more than 10 million times. The channel produces weekly TV programs about hunting, shooting and fishing.

Think Like An Athlete

A stylishly illustrated guide which shows how we can apply the approaches and methods of successful athletes to achieve more in life.
Being an elite athlete requires you to plan, train and perform - methods which are required to be successful in almost any arena of life. Think Like An Athlete teaches people of all ages, stages and professions to train their minds effectively to achieve their goals, whether it's sticking to a fitness regime, getting a promotion or even saving for a holiday.

Lessons that sportsmen and women apply to their business careers, published in The Wall Street Journal

In September 1988, Adrian Moorhouse stood waiting for the start of the 200 meters breaststroke final.  British number one since 1981, he had won European and World Championships but never an Olympic medal, having come fourth in Los Angeles in 1984.

A pulsating race ensued, with Moorhouse turning at the 50 meter mark in sixth place, before closing in on his competitor swimmers in the final five meters.  In an extraordinary finish, he claimed the gold medal by one hundredth of a second from the Hungarian Károly Güttler.

Golfing drama in Dubai, published in the Mashreq Herald magazine

As he stood on the approach to the final, decisive hole in this year's Desert Classic golf tournament in Dubai, South African Ernie Els held his breath. Ahead of him was an imposing grandstand, packed with thousands of fans, forming a magnificent semi-circle around the opulent green. Beyond that rose the giant towers of the Kingdom, symbols of its recent emergence as a global centre of business and tourism.

Tiger Woods profile, published in Open Road magazine

For those old enough to remember, golf used to be a game played by gentlemen: Woods reminds them that the best qualities of respect and courtesy have not altogether disappeared from the game.

Austria on skis, published in Fall Line magazine

Klammer hit the accelerator and began spinning the car up the icy road, veering it in a wide slalom, using the turns to cut into the surface. A few minutes later we saw the headlights appear through the sheets of snow. He came level with us and whipped the car around in a perfect 180 degree spin, coming to a halt next to us. This guy has a feeling for snow, I thought. He really knows snow.

Three beautiful Virgins beckon, published in Classic Travel magazine

As we hurtled along the narrow St. John roads in our open-sided taxi truck, two scantily-clad women emerged from the undergrowth, breathing heavily and glistening with sweat. Naturally, as good courteous Englishmen we stopped to offer them a lift - and they accepted. The Roger Moore in me began reaching for the hilarious punning chat-up line. But something about the way they smiled at one another and held hands told me that a scruffy Englishman making corny comments wouldn't exactly light their fires.

Maldivian fun on the ocean wave, published in Diver magazine

No sooner had we surfaced from a quite staggering dive - huge manta and eagle rays flying in formation above and below us, reef sharks looming out of the big blue and the best coral in North Male Atol - than the weather hit. First it was a black cloud the size of Egypt that came tearing towards us from the West, shedding its curtains of rain like an arrested coke dealer in a hurry. Then it was the wind that whipped off the choppy waves and rocked our boat sideways, sending loose crockery for six. Excellent!

Achtung! Tommy knocks down the Berlin Wall

One player is 64. Others are getting on for 20 stone. But Lawrie McMenemy out-thinks the opposition and inspires optimism. We can score, we can win, even if they're Beckenbaur and we're Perry Groves.