Why Use Us?

The benefits of hiring a writer from freelancejournalist.co.uk are quantifiable. We can provide you with content that will attract and retain online visitors, as well as highlighting your website as a credible source of information and comment within your industry.

Each business writer in the UK that we use is part of a team of professionals who have years of experience in writing about different topics for different media and publications; should you be in charge of a property website, we can supply you with a property writer, if sport is your field, we can supply you with a sports journalist, for businesses we can supply a business writer for UK and overseas websites; Freelancejournalist.co.uk is an ‘umbrella' organisation that houses journalists and writers covering a range of sectors.

Our writers have access to research facilities that you wouldn't find elsewhere, as well as up-to-the-minute insights into a great range of industries. Our business writers can discern and use authoritative information that can be applied both nationally and internationally, for major and small-scale business websites. Our experience, expertise and dedicated work allow us to provide well-researched and informative content on time. Our journalists and writers, thanks to their backgrounds, are adept at writing in various styles, according to the nature of the project. We can be brought in to use our collaborative skills in the creation of a website, or simply to apply your ideas in an engaging way to regenerate old content on existing web pages.