Who We Do It For

A writer from freelance journalist can draw on the variety of media they have written for and the diverse range of subjects they have written about. We can provide a sports journalist, property journalist, IT journalist, business journalist, travel journalist or media journalist, among others.

We have supplied news features, newsletters, company profiles and case studies, interviews and colour features and reports for national and international companies, varying in size from global corporations to small, local businesses. We have supplied content in many forms and on many subjects, including business and finance, investment, marketing, property, politics, travel, media, SMEs, sport and IT. Our commissions are either one-offs or continual input for ongoing projects.

Among our current clients, you will find British Telecom, Nokia, Microsoft, KPMG, Ernst & Young, The Wall Street Journal, The Financial Times, The Guardian and The Independent. The content we have delivered for these businesses varies from Directors Briefings and newsletters to analytical stories and weekly financial updates. To research the different styles and topics that we write, simply click on the appropriate, highlighted links and you can see samples of delivered content.