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HSBC Swiss Leak: Media, Entertainment Figures In Firing Line

The tsunami of personal and business banking details exposed in the HSBC ‘Swiss Leaks’ scandal is now washing over major figures in the media and entertainment business.

Rocks stars including David Bowie, Tina Turner and Phil Collins, actors such as Christian Slater, Joan Collins and John Malkovich and Elle MacPherson and media businesspeople including Kerry Packer are all named in the vast trove of account details released by whistle-blower Hervé Falciani and passed to the French authorities in 2008.

How to get out of debt

By David Nicholson | Published on

Britons are in greater debt than ever before, with an estimated 411 people per day to declare bankruptcy or insolvency in 2009. If you're feeling out of your depth when it comes to finance, follow our step-by-step guide to getting out of debt and staying out – or at least keeping it to a minimum.

Stamp of approval from investors, published in The Sunday Telegraph

Stamps, fine wine or paintings are not only a pleasure to own - they can be an attractive investment for entrepreneurs, too. By David Nicholson

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Shariah Real Estate Finance Goes Global, published in Global Property News

The potential disadvantages of Shariah-compliant finance are that each investment theoretically needs to be approved by a panel of scholars, which can be time consuming, and that the purchase and resale model of murabahah can lead to double taxation through stamp duty.

Private banking in Asia, published in The Wall Street Journal

A slew of private bankers are pacing eagerly through their air-conditioned corridors, keen to sign up customers with at least the magic figure of $1 million available to place on deposit.

Change for PEITs' Sake, published in EVCJ

Maybe private equity fund managers aren't yet seen as the cuddly bunnies that their mothers no doubt believe them to be, but the direction that the industry has adopted for itself should at least rub some of the harsher edges off the industry's reputation.

Fortifying German Defences, published in EVCJ

The measure could pose a serious threat to world trade, according to Simon Witney at law firm S J Berwin in London. "I think it is probably the most aggressive attempt that I've seen in Europe to legislate on investment issues," he says. "It would create a great deal of problems if it goes through as drafted."

Walking Through Chinese Walls, published Financier Worldwide

For the Chinese entrepreneur, "this is a terrible situation," says Wallace. "They may be forced to give up control of their companies or not invest at all."

Cross-Border Asian M&A, published in Financier Worldwide

With jitters, if not outright panic characterising the international markets and threatening to derail any number of deals, dampening growth across most sectors and geographies, the near-term health of the 'risky' Asian markets cannot be guaranteed.