Energy quotes

Published in Business Week magazine

Jose Maria Figueres, former President of Costa Rica
"What we need to do is decouple growth, well being, future economic activity from the emission of carbon."

Dr Matthew Kiernan, RiskMetrics
"There's a growing body of academic and empirical evidence that taking environmental factors into account can definitely yield better risk adjusted returns."

Professor Paul Kleindorfer, INSEAD
"Sustainability means that locally, regionally and globally we should leave to our children and grandchildren the opportunity to lead a life with roughly the same quality as we have, perhaps with better."

Adam Werbach, Saatchi & Saatchi Sustainability
"We have been in the era of disposability where you use something once and you throw it away. That's going to be seen as an anachronism, as a strange blip in history."

Dr Ben Warr, INSEAD
"Poverty is the worst enemy of the environment."

Sir Julian Priestley, Chair, European Public Policy Advisers
"If we stick to strong targets for wind and photo-voltaic solar energy, here and elsewhere, we will create jobs."

Professor Bob Ayres, INSEAD
"Either we freeze in the dark, or we boil like a frog in boiling water. It's a very difficult choice."

John Elkington, Volans
"Environmental groups and community activists are linking together in a very different way. What is evolving is much akin to the human immune system."

Andrew Winston, author
"Renewable energy will be a two trillion dollar market in ten years' time."