Technology Editorials

Transforming the World of Work

“Work,” says Dave Coplin at Microsoft, “should be something you do, rather than somewhere you go.” As the company’s chief envisioning officer (a tongue-in-cheek title), he’s at liberty to have such blue-sky thoughts, to think outside the box, along with many other examples of management jargon. But it’s a useful observation.

London - a world science hub

According to the London Biotechnology Network, there are more biotechnology venture capital groups in London than in the next 10 largest European cities put together.

Seeing streets: new system helps blind people navigate, published in Telecoms Professional magazine

The new system can give blind users some unusual insights: "Someone could use the device to tell if his wife is speeding on the way to work," says Long.

Media-controlled games

In this image-controlled version of ping pong, the ball changes colour each time it hits a bat. Then you - the opponent - have to point the camera on your phone to a certain colour, for example the sky, to make your bat blue, or grass to make it green.

Waiter! My Flies are on Fire!

French chef Jean-Louis Gallard created a 'Menu Viagra' at his restaurant on the shores of Lake Geneva. After being acquitted on charges of importing and using a banned drug, he said: "The whole thing has been a waste of time. This is a drug to make love with, not war."

Profile of Steve Jobs, published in Open Road magazine

Jobs would not be the first billionaire entrepreneur to be accused of egotism, arrogance, manipulation or sheer obsessive craziness, but his legacy of true groundbreaking technologies, in the computing, animation and music industries, surely mark him out as one of the great visionaries of our time.